Japanese gaijin dating

17-Aug-2017 12:58

However, even in romance, the Japanese tend to be less direct and a little vague with their feelings.

So 好き can be used in many situations from saying you like a certain type of ice cream to saying you like or love someone enough to want to marry them.

Note: OK, I know this translation sounds a little clunky in English but when confessing your love to someone in Japanese it’s common to use the phrase 好き suki which means “like”.

It’s possible to say 愛してる ai shiteru which literally means (I) love (you).

There is a difference between being unique and being annoying.

Note: You can use the phrase …でもどう demo dō to mean “How about doing …” as a way to ask someone out. Note: Again this is a useful phrase to say you are busy to turn down an invitation or appointment in various social situations.

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