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30-Aug-2017 04:24

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A native New Englander, Bergeron began his career ...Read more » Consummate host and emcee Tom Bergeron elevated the often derided title of "TV personality" with his seemingly effortless mixture of accessible affability and quick wit.Thanks for whatever that was.”Reactions though were notably mixed on Twitter with many debating the joke's meaning.Tom Bergeron made a really awkward joke about dance pro Witney Carson on "Dancing With the Stars" Monday night, and everyone -- including Carson -- is confused by it.

After the show, Muniz told People, "I think it was just 'Make Witney Uncomfortable Day.'" Carson added, "I didn't really get it at first because I was like, 'I don't really get what that means,' but yeah, thanks.

I mean, you are so exquisite when you dance," Carrie noted. I look for mistakes, but I don't see them — except for when you almost lost control of Witney there." It's then Tom followed up with a joke, "I’m guessing he’s not the first guy who's lost control of Witney." magazine, "I guess I think it was just Make Witney Uncomfortable Day," while Witney noted she was just going to "brush it off."“I don’t know, you guys," she said.

"I didn’t really get it at first because I was like, I don’t really get what that means, but yeah, thanks.

In 2009 he had more primetime hours on TV than any other host, vying for honors as the busiest man in TV.

In between projects, Bergeron has hosted everything from The 60th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards and Miss America Pageant to The 33rd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation’s 28th College Television Awards Gala.

judge Carrie Ann Inaba praised the host's return after the show on Monday.